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what is mysarung blogspot com boachance?
Hihi.. actually when I take this photo, I just wear my white paris hijab, my shirt, and my sarung batik. It’s my casual wear in my home.
Okay la back to the main point, MY SARUNG TANGAN is the issue. Lagi bertambah-tambah jadi isu when sometimes I wear it and sometime I don't.
...said the MO. i kept on asking, "perlu ke?", knowing that the pain will be worst after that. and i was right. they changed my sarung 3 times as blood oozing out...
On a chili rainy day in Cimahi, I was just looking for mysarung’ which is a sarong with its width side sewn together abling us to slip in through.
He was feeling cold in his shorts so I gave him my Sarung! LOL! According to the guide, there are 3 treasures of Alishan: 1) Alishan Red Cypress tree.
...are above average ( a bit only) hell can look hot in my sarung and shades, not having fair skin aint stop you from dancing and bitching, just like that nicki.
me and my sarung.. we've been together for a long time..... waktu ku sedih, sarung ku yang mengeringkan air mataku... waktu ku terjemur, sarung ku yang...

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